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ElderFocus works with service and healthcare provider organizations who desire to develop, acquire, or rehabilitate affordable housing as an extension of their current program and mission….but don’t quite know how.  

ElderFocus has considerable experience in evaluating the development potential and financial feasibility of affordable housing developments.  Our services may include assistance with: 

  • site selection 

  • design team selection 

  • project design 

  • public approvals 

  • financial feasibility analysis

  • development partner selection

  • tailoring housing design and financing to specific populations

  • evaluating feasibility of expanding current program spaces

ElderFocus works with affordable housing organizations who desire to more fully integrate healthcare, healthcare programs/services or healthcare partnerships in existing, new construction, or acquisition/rehab housing.  

Our services may include assistance with:

  • co-locating service/healthcare provider facility partners with affordable housing

  • developing service programs for and identifying healthcare providers/payers as service funding-source partners

  • developing housing utilizing the California Assisted Living Waiver program

"Lamar has the remarkable ability to think creatively out of the box, coupled with a broad range of skills and deep expertise in developing senior housing...a dynamite combination."
Barrie Robinson,
University of California, Berkeley

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